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Live Travel News


Updated 05/03/18 17:30

Private Hire and Excursions:

All trips                      Normal Service

School Services:

Ashford to Homewood:

  • HS2                 Normal Service
  • HS3                 Normal Service
  • HS6                 Normal Service
  • HS6R               Normal Service

Tenterden to Ashford:

  • AS1                 Normal Service
  • AS1R              Normal Service
  • AS2                Normal Service
  • AS3                Normal Service

School Closures – None


2 thoughts on “Live Travel News

  1. Just spotted one of your coaches at Lacock in Wiltshire, live a mile down the road from there.
    Small world, I used to go to Homewood school on one of your coaches and went there with David who must be around 48 years old now. Think his family owned the company.
    Bought back a few memories. Are you still in Appledore?


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